The Problem:

By the end of today, an estimated 130 people will have died by suicide in the United States. Military suicide rates are four times higher than deaths that occur during military operations.


The Solution:

VFF is proud to support VETS®, Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, a pioneering 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to end veteran suicide. VFF seeks to heal, help, and honor members of the Special Operations community and their families. 


Media Coverage:

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Third Option Foundation


“The United States is confronting many danger points in the world today, any one of which could result in a major conflict of some kind. The operators of the CIA Special Activities Center (SAC) act on a covert basis, gathering critical intelligence to protect our country and the American people. With courage, skill, and extraordinarily unique experience, these professionals work to meet the most urgent threats of our time. In silent service to our country, they accept great risks and bear heavy burdens to help keep our nation safe. It is my honor to support the men, women, and families of the SAC community as an Advisor to Third Option Foundation. Through responsive and robust program initiatives, Third Option Foundation’s efforts are changing lives, saving lives, and bolstering the endurance of a workforce essential to our national security.”

Leon E. Panetta
23rd US Secretary of Defense, Former CIA Director, and Advisor to Third Option Foundation